Puch Offroad Day 2023 5/26/2023

Der bereits  7. Puch Offroad Tag in der Hellsklamm war ein voller Erfolg, über 80 Fahrzeuge und 200 Personen stürzten sich am Samstag, 20.05.23 ins Gelände. Ein wahrer Himmel für Offroad Begeisterte..


Abenteuer Allrad 8th to 11th June 2023 5/16/2023

Visit us at our stand at THE Offroad and Camping Fair in Bad Kissingen! More

German Offroad Masters 2007 3/9/2023

Passionate Trophy & Rally driver DI Christof Danner reports about the German Off Road Masters "GORM" in 2007. .

Acuma ONE 230GE anthracite matt 3/9/2023

Leaving a lasting impression is guaranteed with an ACUMA ONE! More

280CDI Greenliner refurbished 1/24/2023

For our S-TEC workshop it was a matter of heart to rebuild the 280CDI Greenliner for an enthusiastic offroad rider. The customer wants to go to Iceland with his family, so we have converted the Mercedes G 280CDI Greenliner. . More

Hungarian Baja 2022 1/4/2023

From the life of a passionate Trophy & Rally driver and loyal Puch customer... DI Christof Danner... More

Save the date 18.06.2023: Der Wolf ist los! 11/10/2022

die TUFA GmbH organisiert wieder ein G-Treffen für die "Wölfe" und andere nicht-zivile G-Klassen in Biberbach an der Riß... More

Pinzgauer 718K zum Camper für Europareise umgebaut 11/7/2022

Mit dem Camper durch Europa reisen - oder besser: den Pinzgauer camping-tauglich machen und damit auf Europareise gehen! More

G Wagen in Montafon 10/24/2022

For mid-October the German G-Club called for the regional meeting in beautiful Montafon, which we couldn’t miss...

Hohe Jagd & Fischerei Salzburg 10/19/2022

Probably the most important and largest hunting fair in the Danube-Alpe-Adriatic region is finally taking place again. . . More

Puch G 230GE for hunter revitalised 10/11/2022

For a passionate hunter we have prepared a Puch G 230 GE. . .

Hektar Nektar 9/29/2022

Seit 2021 unterstützt S-TEC das Projekt Hektar Nektar. Warum der Schutz der Honigbiene so wichtig ist... More

Thank you for your visit! 9/20/2022

At Automechanika Frankfurt in hall 3. 0 booth B01 at our S-TEC booth..

Season Closing Hellsklamm 8/30/2022

Im Zuge des Pfandl-Festes fand auch wieder das Mandlinger Steyr-Puch Geländewagen Treffen statt.. More

Foire du Tout-terrain in Valloire, France 8/28/2022

From 24. -28. 08. the offroad event will take place in the French Alps, the Puch team will also be on site as exhibitor!

G-Klub Schweiz zu Besuch bei S-TEC 7/14/2022

This week the G-Klub from Switzerland with 20 people was with us in Albersdorf...

Automechanika Frankfurt 13th-17th September 2022 7/12/2022

Visit us at the usual stand in hall 3 booth no. B01!
Like no other trade fair, Automechanika in Frankfurt represents the entire value chain of the automotive aftermarket.

Pinzgauer 2nd place 7/12/2022

In der Kategorie Sonderfahrzeuge wurde der Pinzgauer ... More

Superkarpata Trophy 2022 – with the Pinzgauer through the Romanian Carpathians 7/7/2022

44 teams from 8 nations will compete in the Superkarpata Trophy this year. . .

Generalsanierung KLF-A Pinzgauer 7/7/2022

Neben der technischen Sanierung wurde auch überlegt wie man den Puch weiterentwickeln kann. Um das Fahrzeug umfangreicher einsetzen zu können, insbesondere zur Rettung von Personen aus unwegsamen Gelände, wurde zwischen der Mannschaftskabine und dem Geräteraum eine Klappe in die Rückwand eingebaut, um so Verletzte durchladen und transportieren...

G-amboree 2022 Offroad in Hungary 6/23/2022

From July 7-10, 2022 it’s time again! The 8th Mercedes-Benz & Puch G Meeting in Hungary will take place again.

Abenteuer Allrad 2022, Germany 6/9/2022

We are one of more than 350 exhibitors from all over the world at the All-Wheel Adventure. It has been one of the most important events in the industry worldwide for many years.... More

Der Wolf ist los - Galerie 6/1/2022

Über 40 Teilnehmer in 25 Fahrzeugen nahmen bei der Veranstaltung in Biberbach an der Riß teil. 
Des Resümee: "Der kann ja mehr als ich dachte!"..

Hellsklamm 2022 Offroad day - galery 5/31/2022

Check our galery from Puch & MH4x4 Offroad Day 14th May2022 More

Pinzgauer 716K P93 revitalized for mountain rescue 3/28/2022

The Pinzgauer is ideal for use in the mountains. For mountain rescue, we have prepared and revitalized their emergency vehicle – a Pinzgauer 716K P93...

Der Wolf ist los 22.05.2022 Biberach an der Riß, Deutschland 3/25/2022

Abenteuer mit dem Wolf und anderen nicht-zivilen Versionen der G-Klasse...Abenteuer mit dem Wolf und anderen Militärversionen der G-Klasse
Abenteuer mit dem Wolf und anderen Militärversionen der G-Klasse
An dieser Stelle dürfen wir euch die Veranstaltung „Der Wolf ist los“ ankündigen.
Fahrspaß und Geselligkeit unter Gleichgesinnten...

Acuma ONE 230GE 3/9/2022

The perfect fun vehicle!
Our S-TEC workshop has converted a standard 230 GE and turned it into something very special!

G Mopf 463A G400d Umbau auf Offroad 3/7/2022

Our S-TEC workshop made the G400 d even more offroad suitable
  • Underrun protection incl. Tank protection plate mounted in stainless steel
  • Drawer system trunk with dog box
  • ...

Hellsklamm 2021 Offroad day - galery 10/13/2021

This year’s Offroad Festival was a complete success! More than 70 Puch enthusiasts came with their own vehicle. . . More

Repair of accident damage 9/3/2021

We are pleased that a long-time Puch G fan has entrusted us with the repair of his Puch G! More

Mercedes G320 CDI 8/16/2021

A new project from our S-TEC workshop: Mercedes G320 CDI

50 years Pinzgauer - gallery 7/19/2021

50 years of Pinzgauer were celebrated appropriately! More

Formula Pinzgauer 6/25/2021

The Formula 1 teams Red Bull Racing Honda and Scuderia Alpha Tauri deliver a thrilling race... both Pinzgauers were prepared by S-TEC.


G290GDT - made for Offroad 6/22/2021

Upon customer request, we have rebuilt the Mercedes G 290GDT turbodiesel and equipped it with additional equipment..

G-amboree 2021: The G-Treffen 8th-11th July 21 6/10/2021

G-amboree: Mercedes G-meeting – the place to be!

This adventure is for You! Come to the G-amboree and spend a memorable weekend with your
favorite car in Hungary’s most beautiful region among friends. Meet people from various countries
with similar interests, and test yourself and your car on exciting roads. G-amboree is made for you,
because if you are driving a G you surely know:

“Some might have hobbies, we have a passion!”


Fireguard Pinzgauer 718K 5/6/2021

Pinzgauer come and save me! More

SuperKarpataTrophy postponed to2022! 3/22/2021

This offroad competition leads from the Hellsklamm in Lower Austria to the Romanian Carpathians. . .
Due to the current situation the event has been postponed to 20.05.-29.05.2022

Pinzgauer 718M 3/5/2021

This Pinzgauer 718M is finally allowed back into the terrain and is ready for new adventures! More

Puch Team introduction 2/24/2021

In the Puch/Offroad department, we work with the Offroad Components, Workshops and Used Cars departments as well as the Order Processing department to address your concerns.

Puch G 230GE Camouflage-Edition 1/29/2021

“I already had high expectations of the refurbishment, but I didn’t imagine the result so great!” said the customer at the handover of the Camouflage Edition.

refurbished G230 all in 1/20/2021

With this refurbished Puch G230 you can go all out. . . More

Crazy Colour Edition Puch 230GE 9/7/2020

Limited Edition
A vehicle for true individualists. Make your vehicle something very special thanks to an individual equipment and colour scheme!

modification Puch G250 GD/KP 8/21/2020

Why our customer decided for a G250 GD/KP and which highlights, vehicle data, services on the base vehicle as well as the additional equipment were made, can be found here:

Puch 718 SAN to M modification 7/2/2020

This Puch Pinzgauer 718 SAN has been upgraded by our S-TEC workshop...


G-Amboree G Meeting VOL 6. 6/9/2020

This adventure is for You! Come to the G-amboree and spend a memorable weekend with your favorite car in Hungary’s most beautiful region among friends.  More

An Offroader for Arnold Schwarzenegger 8/8/2019

The reputation of S-TEC, a company of Magna, as an aftermarket expert has clearly spread all the way to Hollywood.