Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


When will my order be shipped?

The package didn’t contain all the articles. What can I do?

An article is missing from my shipment.

Has my order already been sent?


What payment options are available?

Why can’t I pay with my credit card?

Can I buy from you as a private individual?

Is there a minimum amount for my order?

How can I change my order?

Where can I see my past orders?

The article I need is not available at the moment. Is there a way of ordering it nevertheless?

Why haven’t I received an order confirmation?

I can’t see a price for an article. Why is that?

Can I also order by phone or email?

To which countries do you ship?

I can’t find the part I want or my vehicle model on the website. What should I do? To which countries do you ship?

Return / exchange

What do I do in the event of a complaint?

What is the shipping address for returns?

What happens to my money in the event of a return?

When will I get the credit note for my return of goods?

How do I send an article back?

Have you received my return?