If the air conditioner smells, it is high time to clean the air conditioner.
Otherwise mold and bacteria will spread throughout your vehicle - and that is harmful to your health! 
Another problem: refrigerant can be lost. This also pollutes the environment.

We recommend servicing the air conditioning every 2 years at the latest to prevent expensive damage.

Every air conditioning system requires regular care and cleaning. Incidentally, air conditioning is also a safety factor that is often underestimated.
If the air conditioning does not work properly, the car quickly overheats in summer, the concentration drops and the risk of accidents increases.

Our services:
  • Maintenance with functional and visual inspection
  • Pressure test,
  • Drain / fill the system with R 134a refrigerant
  • Measure the initial temperature

If required we also offer disinfection to remove bacteria and mold. 

Our promotion is valid until October 31, 2020.
You can make an appointment with our contacts in the workshop.

Tips for the correct use of air conditioning systems

• Before switching on the air conditioning system, let the heat in the vehicle be drawn off through open doors and windows.

• Close the window and sunroof during operation. Open doors as rarely and only briefly.

• Recirculation mode reduces contamination of the pollen filter and thereby reduces the cleaning and replacement cycle. Pre-cooled indoor air can be cooled to the desired temperature using less energy than warm outside air.

• The desired temperature should not be too low and should be a maximum of 5 ° C below the outside temperature, so that the air flow cools only slightly.

• Switch off the air conditioning five to ten minutes before the end of the journey. This prevents residual moisture on the evaporator and counteracts nucleation.

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