German Offroad Masters 2007

The German Off Road Masters "GORM" in 2007 started at the Nürburgring, Germany.

The “KO Race of the Champions” marks the start of the new racing series. The new concept by Jorg Sand attracted 5,000 spectators to the Off Road Park on the Ring in 2007. A good 40 participants from 7 nations compete in the spectacular KO races. The produced TV material is even broadcast in Malaysia and Indonesia. Philipp Baier becomes the first GORM winner.
Among the best off road teams in Europe also the Danner Racing Team in the lineup of Christof Danner and Herwig Zach with the proven PUCH G320!
Thanks to the sponsors, we are able to start the race technically and morally well prepared.

80,000 m2 off road fun at Camp4Fun at the Nürburgring
In the paddock there is a festive atmosphere, it is grilled, eaten, drunk, . . and above all screwed!
OFFROAD Nurburgring

Impressing G-wagons...

The Landy Faction
G-Flotte Start

Introductory round - the rocks do not forgive mistakes!
Einführungsrunde GORM

Lots of traffic before it goes into duels
GORM Einführungsrunde

But competition for competitors is eliminated.
They fight round after round the tracks are great except for the mud hole that annoys me at every round the old 230GE would be better suited for that ;)


Great to race in front of so many people ....

Saturday is going really great we can actually win all the duels. In the evening the totally soaked cars are cleaned as good as possible.

Schlamm GORM

Sunday is final day - again really speed up. . .
GORM Finaltag

Truly selective routing
GORM Strecke

The routes, the organisation and the whole event are really great, a real off road spectacle for the many spectators to touch!
At the end of the day, we only have to give ourselves to Steffen Bayer in his perfectly constructed G.

The winner's car. . .