Being mobile in the area is becoming an increasingly important topic - because what good is the best sitting facility if it is not where it is needed? Hunting often requires a great deal of flexibility; In the event of game damage or harvest appointments, tenants and owners of hunting grounds often have to react at very short notice. 

With the mobile hunting cabin from the Swabian inventor's workshop Udo Röck, these problems are a thing of the past!

Flexible location and easy to set up

Set up in just 90 seconds - and without tools by just one person! The location can be changed quickly and easily: with a total weight of only 380 kg, a quick change of location is no longer a problem. 

Comfort when hunting

The ergonomic backrest has a headrest function and the fleece-covered bench can be steplessly moved into a resting or observation position in the pulpit. With just one hand, the Puch Edition creates a legroom and lying area of ​​1.95 x 0.80 meters. 

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