SuperKarpataTrophy postponed to2022!

Also in 2018 we were the main sponsor of the “teamsaurer-puch. at” at the Superkarpata Trophy in Romania. N
ow we can publish a movie that the team edited themselves. 

About SuperKarpata Trophy

The Superkarpata Trophy is an off-road competition held by an Austrian organizer in the Romanian Carpathians since 2004. The special thing about this is that there is no roadbook with a chosen, fixed route, but the participants have to find their way through the Carpathians for a week. The organizer specifies a large corridor in which to drive – if the terrain is too heavy or the time is too short, you have to leave the corridor to shorten on better routes and roads or save time and then get penalty points.

Navigators and tacticians are therefore of great importance to use various map materials, satellite images or e. g. B. Help by locals to find the best route. ” Find your own track” is the motto. This also ensures that the teams do not all ride on the same routes and that the environment, local residents and wildlife are protected. Each team will spend the night for itself every evening in the wilderness on a place of its own choosing – in the dark it is forbidden to drive. The whole thing is monitored via satellite tracking and evaluated with its own program. It is started in teams of 2 or 3 cars. A prepared service team is forbidden and the arrival from Vienna must be by axle.

The Superkarpata Trophy is meant to reflect an expedition and the team that completes this task best will be in front. Everything needed for a week in the wilderness must be on board the Trophy vehicles ( z. B. Fuel, drinks, food, cookers and pots, improvisation material for special tests, chainsaws, spare parts, tools etc. ).
The teamsaurer-puch. at starts with 2 Pinzgauer; a 710M Bj. 1971 and a 712M Bj. 1973 both former Swiss Army.
The Pinzgauer are except for a civilian ignition system, z. T. other shock absorbers, front winch, branch deflectors and navigation and communication electronics as standard. The philosophy of the team and the main sponsor is to move the oldies in a manner appropriate to their species and to finish in the midfield in terms of results in an environment with many newer, heavily modified off-road vehicles. 2018 and 2019 succeeded and shows that the Pinzgauer can still keep up despite his 50 years – provided the “track” is bad enough.

To register for the SuperKarpataTrophy there is here.