The 4WD division is one of our leading product areas of which we are very proud.
At the same time, it is our original division with which our business began in 2006. Today we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of 4WD transmissions and are a specialist in the manufacture and integration of complete systems in the 4WD sector. We expand our complete systems with a wide range of customized repair kits and individual parts.

Sustainability and quality – perfectly compatible

Sustainability is also becoming more and more important in the automotive industry. We have been focusing on this topic for years.
For you, we reman transfer cases, front and rear axle gears as well as angle gears.
In addition to the focus on sustainability, we also have quality in mind. The preparation is carried out with OEM parts.

Our products are:

  • Transfer cases
  • Front-axle differentials
  • Power takeoff units
  • Rear axle drives
  • Repair kits and parts
  • Oils

Offroad connects