The hunter's best friend next to the dog - a Puch G

Types you can rely on, for whom no distance is too far and for whom no work is afraid. Real off-road vehicles for real hunters who don't stop at any terrain. A vehicle suitable for the area is needed.

A bumpy forest path leads into the middle of the area. In the district, the paths are not paved as they are on the street, and after all, they shouldn't be either. Because here we are in nature and should interfere with it as little as possible. The forest provides a habitat for many native species, which should be disturbed as little as possible. The forest paths are just as nature wants them to be. They can be soggy, softened by rain or melted snow, frozen molehills in the meadow as hard as stone. From the last thinning, there are still branches everywhere in the trail that drum heavily against the subsoil.

A vehicle can quickly reach its limits here. Now a real off-roader is needed, like a Puch G.

An off-roader in which you can take your best friend and helper, perhaps a German Shorthaired Pointer, with you at any time and still have space for the capital boar that you have shot. You should come back fully loaded on the forest path. The Puch G can do it without worries - this off-roader has enough underbody clearance, gear reduction and with decent tires and additional equipment there is no more defeat. Puch G - Real off-road vehicles for real hunters. A loyal friend who can always be relied on.

For the shooting to be successful, some things have to go right, every hunter knows that only too well. Starting with the moon phase, wind and weather conditions and mostly it also has to be absolutely calm so that the game is not frightened. How good would it be to be able to change the location of the pulpit on the fly, knowing that the game has changed its route? A pulpit whose location can be changed quickly and silently, and even when hunting individually? Because building a new pulpit costs a lot of time and money. Time and money also in the future, as the hunting facilities such as the hunting pulpit, high seat, high seat ladder etc. require a certain amount of care. Security is also an issue. Every hunter knows this - you know, the raised seat is actually in disrepair, but there is not enough time and perhaps also the money to repair the raised seat.

"Every hunter I know has fallen from a ramshackle ladder or rung at least once in his life" Gerhard B.

Happiness is when you fall and nothing happens. Unfortunately, we also know of other cases that did not turn out so lightly. A break is the slightest thing. The inadequate hunting equipment can therefore become an enormous safety risk for the hunter. If you let a facility go down, you are obliged to remove it. That again costs time, money and help.

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