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For example, have you ever thought about replacing your defective engine with a remanufactured one? In our S-TEC specialist workshop we offer overhauled engines, gearboxes and axles for the Porsche, Audi, Seat, VW, Landrover, Puch G and Pinzgauer.

So how does it work exactly? 

We thoroughly clean every used assembly and dismantle it into the individual parts. The parts are visually inspected and measured while being dismantled. Then we decide which parts can be repaired and which ones have to be replaced.

Generally all bearings, gaskets and shaft seals are replaced. The assemblies undergo strict quality inspections throughout the entire remanufacturing process. Which is why we will give you a 12-month warranty on our products.

You will find the scope of delivery of the individual assemblies in the description under the respective article number. If a product is not listed or in stock, please contact our remanufacturing professional, Johannes Suppan.
We adhere to the maximum quality standards, but never lose sight of cost-efficiency either. The balance between price and high-quality effectiveness means you can enjoy driving for longer, and substantially increases your vehicle’s value. 

We are constantly striving to expand our product range.

If the article you want is not listed, please contact us.
Please send us your defective assembly for appraisal. We will prepare a quotation for repairing it as fast as possible.

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