Used vehicles & Specialist workshop

Welcome to our S-TEC workshop!
We will guide you through our workshop and show you
  • Reconditioning and revitalization of vehicle conversions
  • Our reman room, in which gearboxes, motors and axles are remanufactured
  • A hunting-equipped vehicle
  • General activities such as our painting ...

You navigate through the workshop by clicking on the white dots.
In the map at the bottom left you can also navigate directly to the individual stations.

Independent workshop - our services at a glance

Although we specialise in off-road vehicles, in particular Puch G and Pinzgauer, as an independent workshop we are also happy to take care of all other brands.
Our services at a glance:
  • Paint and plumbing work 
  • Service and repairs for all makes of vehicle 
  • Complete vehicle overhauls 
  • Various conversions and equipment for customer-specific use 
  • §57a inspections 
  • Preparation of units (engine, transmission, axles, drive shafts etc. ) 
  • Retrofitting and repair of auxiliary heaters 
  • Specialist workshop for Hutchinson rims and emergency running systems 
Our passion for Puch off-road vehicles goes far beyond driving pleasure. Our employees in the Puch specialist workshops service and repair your vehicles with the greatest care and with a passion for the Puch brand.