Independently if it’s PUCH, Nissan or Toyota – we take care of every type of offroad vehicle with great commitment.

Many decades of experience with PUCH vehicles, which are prevailing icons in the all-wheel drive world, make us to experts in the area of all-terrain vehicles. In addition to special technical services for off-road vehicles we also offer advisory services for all kind of questions regarding modification and installation works of your vehicle.

Regardless if it’s the installation of a snorkel, new shock absorbers or a complete modification into a motor caravan – we are eager to help!
In particular, we are offering a comprehensive refurbishment for PUCH G and Pinzgauer. This includes a complete overhaul of the vehicles and a special modification according to our specific requirement, which could be the installation of sleeping accommodations or even the mounting of a kitchen. There are (nearly) no limits to your dreams!

Overview of our services:
  • Service and repair of all vehicle brands
  • Paint and panel-beater works
  • $57a inspection
  • Retroactive installation and repair of additional heating system
  • Complete vehicle overhaul
  • Various equipment modifications for customer specific requirements
  • Refurbishment of aggregates (engine, transmission, axles, drive shafts, etc.)
  • Expert workshop for Hutchinson wheel rims and emergency operation systems

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