A hunter’s best friend, besides a dog – a Puch G

Models that can be relied on, that will go as far as it takes, and that don’t shy away from any work. Real all-terrain vehicles for real hunters who aren’t stopped by any logging trails. For when only a vehicle that is suitable for the hunting ground will do.

A rough forest road leads into the middle of the hunting ground. The trails here aren’t levelled like on roads, but ultimately they aren’t supposed to be. After all, we are out in nature here and should interfere with it a little as possible. The forest provides a habitat for many native species, which should be disturbed as little as possible. The forest roads are just the way nature wants them. They can be muddy, softened by rain or melted snow, with frozen molehills on the meadows that are rock-hard. Branches from the last thinning lie everywhere on the track, and give the underbody a real beating.

A vehicle can quickly reach its limits here. A true off-roader is needed now, like a Puch G.

An off-roader in which you can take your best friend and helper along with you at any time – perhaps a German Shorthaired Pointer – and still have room for that large wild boar you’ve bagged. You should come back along the forest road fully loaded too. With the Puch G you can handle everything without any worries. This off-roader has enough underbody clearance and gear reduction, and with decent tyres and additional equipment there won’t be any more setbacks. Puch G – a real all-terrain vehicle for real hunters. A loyal buddy that you can rely on.

As every hunter knows only too well, for the shot to be successful there are a few things need to be just right. The phase of the moon, the wind and weather conditions, and in most cases you also need absolute quiet so that the game is not startled. Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the location of the pulpit in a rush, because you know the game has changed its route? A pulpit that you can move quickly and silently, and easily if you are hunting on your own too. After all, it takes a lot of time and money to build a new pulpit, including time and money in the future, because hunting equipment like a hunting pulpit, raised hide, high seat etc. requires a certain amount of care. Safety is also an issue. Every hunter knows what it’s like when the raised hide is actually fairly ramshackle, but there isn’t enough time and perhaps money to repair it again.

“Every hunter I know has fallen from a dilapidated ladder or rung at least once in his life,” Gerhard B.

If you’re lucky you can fall without hurting yourself. Unfortunately, we also know of other cases that didn’t turn out so well. Breaking something can be the least of your problems. So faulty hunting equipment can become a tremendous safety risk for the hunter. If you allow your facilities to go to rack and ruin, you are obliged to remove them. Once again, that takes time, money and assistance.

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