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Puch 230 Servicemobil 7/15/2020

we have turned a standard vehicle Puch G high roof into something very special...

Puch 718 SAN to M modification 7/2/2020

This Puch Pinzgauer 718 SAN has been upgraded by our S-TEC workshop...


G-Amboree G Meeting VOL 6. 6/9/2020

This adventure is for You! Come to the G-amboree and spend a memorable weekend with your favorite car in Hungary’s most beautiful region among friends.  More

Current situation 4/30/2020

we would like to inform you that our facility is open and ready for delivery as usual.

An Offroader for Arnold Schwarzenegger 8/8/2019

The reputation of S-TEC, a company of Magna, as an aftermarket expert has clearly spread all the way to Hollywood.