About us

Welcome to Puch!

Puch is a brand of Service Technologies GmbH & Co OG (S-TEC for short).


So who is S-TEC?

S-TEC was founded in 2006 as a
company owned by Magna, one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, and like its parent company it is characterised by quality awareness, fairness and manufacturing at a world class level.
In 1998, Magna acquired a majority shareholding in what was then Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Today, the S-TEC service team dedicates itself to each individual customer order with the same enthusiasm and professionalism with which Steyr-Daimler-Puch developed and produced the Puch Haflinger, Pinzgauer and G decades ago.

S-TEC is your strong partner in the automobile spare parts market and is
responsible worldwide for Puch G and Pinzgauer spare parts. Our range of Puch G / Pinzgauer parts alone comprises more than 25,000 article numbers and is constantly growing.

The employees at S-TEC are flexible, committed and work perfectly together as a well-tuned team. We are convinced that with these strong values we can achieve our goal:
to satisfy you as the customer.


Corporate policy

We consider it our job to meet the requirements and expectations of our interested parties (customers, employees, owners, suppliers and partners, society) in a way that is customer-focussed, economical and ethically correct, as well as resource-friendly, sustainable and reliable.

Facts and figures

With its strong brands, S-TEC has a long tradition going back more than 100 years – always characterised by the pursuit of quality, customer focus and dynamism.

The company’s headquarters is in Albersdorf, Styria. The warehouse and logistics department are located not far away in Graz. S-TEC is an employer for around 150 employees.