Our Projects

We would be pleased to present you our absolute highlights, which have been refurbished in our S-TEC workshop.
Do you have a Puch Pinzgauer or G you want to have processed? Then send your enquiry to the contact persons of the S-TEC workshop in Graz or Albersdorf.
You can also buy a used Pinzgauer or Puch G from us. Take a look at our used car market or contact us directly.

Pinzgauer 718T finished 4/9/2024

Ready for new adventures - Pinzgauer 718

230GE refurbished to 160hp 7/25/2023

Motorumbau in der S-TEC Fachwerkstätte in Graz.. More

Fahrzeugübergabe Einsatzorganisation 7/21/2023

Fahrzeugübergabe Pinzgauer an Einsatzorganisation More

280CDI Greenliner refurbished 1/24/2023

For our S-TEC workshop it was a matter of heart to rebuild the 280CDI Greenliner for an enthusiastic offroad rider. The customer wants to go to Iceland with his family, so we have converted the Mercedes G 280CDI Greenliner. . More

Pinzgauer 718K zum Camper für Europareise umgebaut 11/7/2022

Mit dem Camper durch Europa reisen - oder besser: den Pinzgauer camping-tauglich machen und damit auf Europareise gehen! More

Puch G 230GE for hunter revitalised 10/11/2022

For a passionate hunter we have prepared a Puch G 230 GE. . .

Pinzgauer 716K P93 revitalized for mountain rescue 3/28/2022

The Pinzgauer is ideal for use in the mountains. For mountain rescue, we have prepared and revitalized their emergency vehicle – a Pinzgauer 716K P93...

Acuma ONE 230GE 3/9/2022

The perfect fun vehicle!
Our S-TEC workshop has converted a standard 230 GE and turned it into something very special!

G Mopf 463A G400d Umbau auf Offroad 3/7/2022

Our S-TEC workshop made the G400 d even more offroad suitable
  • Underrun protection incl. Tank protection plate mounted in stainless steel
  • Drawer system trunk with dog box
  • ...

Repair of accident damage 9/3/2021

We are pleased that a long-time Puch G fan has entrusted us with the repair of his Puch G! More

Mercedes G320 CDI 8/16/2021

A new project from our S-TEC workshop: Mercedes G320 CDI

G290GDT - made for Offroad 6/22/2021

Upon customer request, we have rebuilt the Mercedes G 290GDT turbodiesel and equipped it with additional equipment..

Fireguard Pinzgauer 718K 5/6/2021

Pinzgauer come and save me! More

Pinzgauer 718M 3/5/2021

This Pinzgauer 718M is finally allowed back into the terrain and is ready for new adventures! More

Puch G 230GE Camouflage-Edition 1/29/2021

“I already had high expectations of the refurbishment, but I didn’t imagine the result so great!” said the customer at the handover of the Camouflage Edition.

refurbished G230 all in 1/20/2021

With this refurbished Puch G230 you can go all out. . . More

Crazy Colour Edition Puch 230GE 9/7/2020

Limited Edition
A vehicle for true individualists. Make your vehicle something very special thanks to an individual equipment and colour scheme!

modification Puch G250 GD/KP 8/21/2020

Why our customer decided for a G250 GD/KP and which highlights, vehicle data, services on the base vehicle as well as the additional equipment were made, can be found here:

Puch 718 SAN to M modification 7/2/2020

This Puch Pinzgauer 718 SAN has been upgraded by our S-TEC workshop...