Puch replacement base engine
The engine is professionally prepared, all parts are checked and replaced if necessary.
Basic engines consist of the engine block with oil pan, the cylinder head with valve cover and an oil and water pump.
Basic engines are delivered without attachments: That means without turbocharger, servo pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor, flywheel and manifold. These parts must be taken over by your engine.

Attention: Picture and scope of delivery may vary!
NO oil filled, the oil level MUST be filled and checked after installation! (observe manufacturer information)

To ensure that you get the right part, we need the relevant vehicle identification number!
Installation by specialist workshops recommended. We will gladly make you an offer.

Please send the entire old part to us for inspection. If the old part is complete, you will be refunded the deposit value. Incomplete returns or severely damaged aggregates will not be reimbursed, our general terms and conditions also apply.
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7,665.00 excl. € 4,000.00 Pledge
(excl. 20% VAT.)
Delivery time on request
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