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Puch Kids electric car Mercedes AMG G63 W 463
The Mercedes-AMG G 63 combines an elegant appearance with strong driving behaviour on the road and off-road. The all-terrain vehicle excites drivers who don’t want to miss out on luxury even on off-road adventures. Equally elegant and agile is the variant for the younger generation. The licensed Mercedes children’s electric car AMG G63 offers authentic driving fun for kids from 3 to 6 years. The true-to-original design creates a sensation and the high-quality equipment makes the hearts of young car enthusiasts beat faster. Two engines offer a maximum power of 70 watts and accelerate up to 6 km/h in three forward and one reverse gears. With this electric car for children you can experience exciting off-piste adventures.

3 compartment sound module for USB, SD and AUX
Cool music is a must on the casual spree. The children’s electric car Mercedes Benz AMG G63 plays all your favourite songs as well as radio plays. For smartphones, MP3 players and other output devices, a USB and SD port as well as an AUX input are available.

Children’s electric car AMG G63
The Mercedes children’s car is as sporty and distinctive as the big model. With great attention to detail, the electric children’s car is based on the original model. The self-confident radiator grille and eye-catching rims bear the characteristic Mercedes star. Outdoor mirrors and LED headlights are of course also available. There is a lot to discover and try out for little motor sports enthusiasts. While the little ones explore the surroundings, the electric children’s car is also sure to receive the admiring glances of the grown-ups.

Steering wheel with sound and horn
The steering wheel fits perfectly in small children’s hands. This allows young drivers to go off on their own in the fast-paced Mercedes children’s car. A true-to-original design is also thought here – Mercedes star included. The horn announces the appearance of the electric vehicle. The sound is also authentic.

LED headlamps
The electric vehicle for children is equipped with high-quality LED headlights to ensure that kids are safe on the road even in cloudy weather. They provide a good view at dusk and also ensure that walkers and cyclists do not overlook your child. In this way, the children’s car combines technical finesse with safety.

Leather seat and safety belt + automatic brake
The sporty design of the children’s car is underlined by the high-quality leather seat. A child can sit comfortably on the quilted seat. For optimal safety while driving, the AMG G63 children’s electric car is equipped with a 2-point seat belt. Reliable protection is also provided by the automatic braking system: If your child goes off the throttle, the Mercedes children’s car will automatically brake. Even inexperienced young drivers are so safe on the road.

Engine sound, acceleration sound, horn
An authentic driving experience needs an authentic sound. Kids can experience this with the AMG G63 children’s electric car. As your child roars around corners and pushes on the throttle, a dynamic acceleration sound sounds. The pressure on the horn is especially fun for many children.

Suspension at the rear
The original Mercedes-G-Class shows what it’s capable of on-road. Even with the child-friendly design, it goes above and beyond. Thanks to the spring-loaded rear axle, the electric car for children can handle any unevenness, whether walking through the woods or in their own garden. Shocks are reliably cushioned and make the exit a comfortable pleasure.

Practical transport handle
On long tours, even the most enthusiastic rider gets tired. So that you can transport the electric car effortlessly, it is equipped with a practical carrying handle. With a weight of 14. 5 kilos, it is easy to lift and store.

Doors to open
Getting in, taking a seat and driving – nothing is easier than that with the AMG G63 children’s electric car. For a realistic driving experience, the electric children’s car has doors to open. This makes small drivers feel just like the big ones. They can independently try out all the functions to their heart’s content and become familiar with the electric vehicle.

2. 4 GHz with first function
The wireless remote control prevents your child from running away with the electric car. Thanks to the so-called first function, you take full control of the vehicle, from the speed setting to the brakes. This allows a quick intervention in case your child falters.

Including soft-start
The soft-start allows a smooth start of the children’s electric vehicle. Without any unpleasant shaking, the AMG G63 children’s electric car takes you to the slopes for one to one and a half hours of exuberant driving fun.

Not suitable for children under 3 years!
Use only under adult supervision!
Not suitable for use in road traffic!
Pay attention to appropriate protective equipment!
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