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PuchS-Tec reconditioned engine 710/712 including carburetor, alternator, distributor, ignition cables and spark plugs

engine reconditioned, all parts checked and replaced if necessary.
motor set up on commissioning station, test run and leakage check carried out.

Attention: NO oil filled!
due the transport, we cannot deliver the engine with oil filled, the oil level MUST be filled and checked after installation! (observe manufacturer information)
to ensure that you get the right part, we need your vehicle-identification-number please!

Please send the entire old part to us for inspection, if the old part is complete you will receive a refund of your deposit.
In the event of an incomplete return, we will contact you immediately.
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6,650.00 excl. € 1,000.00 Pledge
(excl. 20% VAT.)
Delivery time on request
useable for
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 710K 4x4 fester Aufbau 5-türig
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 710M 4x4 Planenverdeck 3-türig
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 712.0FLA 6x6 Planenverdeck
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 712K 6x6 fester Aufbau 5-türig
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 712LFAL 6x6 Planenverdeck
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 712M 6x6 Planenverdeck 3-türig
PuchPinzgauerPINZGAUER 712SAN 6x6 Trägerfahrzeug
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